About the Australia & New Zealand Association of Kuwait
ANZAK has hosted National days and Community Events for the Australian & New Zealander Residents and Workers, from a broad spectrum of society including
Consular, Military, Professionals and Trades people since 1993
ANZAK is registered with the United Nations as an informal Civil Society


2009 Australian Business Group Formed


2008 KWHQ Administrator

Deb Boardman.


2008 Website Administrator & Historian

Brett W. Keiller.

2008 NZHQ

T. K.


2008 AUHQ

J. K.


2008 Committee Members:



2007 Secretary & Committee Chairman

Brett W. Keiller.


2007 Registrar

Deb Boardman.


2007 NZHQ & Treasurer

T. K.


2007 AUHQ

J. K.


2007 NZ Warden Observer



2007 AU Embassy Observer

Jon Faulkner


2007 Committee Members:




2006 Secretary & Committee Chairman

Brett W. Keiller.


2006 Registrar

Deb Boardman.


2006 NZHQ & Treasurer



2006 NZ Warden Observer

J. Lawson


2006 AU Embassy Observer

Jon. Faulkner.


2006 Committee Members:




2005 Secretary & Committee Chairman

Brett W. Keiller.


2005 Electronic Warden

Brett W. Keiller

(FCO consular notices)

2005 Registrar & Treasurer

Deb Boardman.


2005 NZ Warden Observer

J. Lawson.


2005 AU Embassy Observer

Jon. Faulkner.


2005 Committee Members:





In 2005 the Australian Embassy to Kuwait was established.
The ANZAC Memorial Service was transitioned from ANZAK to The Australian Embassy to Kuwait, with ANZAK members providing support roles in preparation for the events.
ANZAK Took on new roles, with volunteers supporting new formal Events in Kuwait: Waitangi Day, and Australia Day, and a minor change of the name of the ANZAC ball to the ANZAK Ball.
Trade links were added to the new website and ANZAK were present at Trade, Sports and other events organised by and with the Embassies of Australia & New Zealand.
Sports included: Football, Sports Shooting, Volley Ball, Running & Jogging.
Book Swapping grew to include Technical books as well as fiction due to the few public Libraries. All Public Libraries during this period were typically for Islamic History and were well suited to the needs of the majority of local citizens.
An independent ladies coffee group also came on the scene named ANZIK who prided themselves on self sufficient meetings without resorting to committees.
J. Levins and his Family as founding committee members of ANZAK in 1993, went on to join the UN World Food Program which ANZAK members give ongoing support, to this day.

Inheriting “Safety First”, from its founder J Levins, ANZAK also nurtured AREC (Amateur Radio Emergency Communications) and Health and Emergency Events monitoring. Blood Donor Drives were organised at the Kuwait Ministry of Health facility in Hawalli. And a list of Rhesus Negative (O- Universal Donors) was compiled for Emergency blood drives.





1998 - 2004 AU Head Warden

J. Levins.


...2004 NZ Head Warden

J. Lawson


1998 - 2004 AU Warden

Deb Boardman





1991 - 1998 Head Warden

J. Levins.


1991 - 1998 Wardens

In 1993, a short time after the Liberation of Kuwait, in the spirit of the ANZACS, an association was formed by the existing Community Safety Wardens among the Australian and New Zealand Community of friends in Kuwait. Named “Australians and New Zealanders Associating in Kuwait”.
The Infrastructure was authorised by the UK Embassy to Kuwait’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
The Emergency reconstruction of Kuwait was well underway over the 1991 to early 1993 period, and there was now time
For larger events, committees of volunteers were formed.
The events included activities for family members of all ages such as: Tea and Coffee get-togethers, Community library book swaps of favourite novels and children’s books, Barbecues and luncheons including treats from home recipes.

The Formal Events included Officiating the ANZAC day memorial and a corresponding formal dance. This became a way to remember family lost in all past wars and allowed space to also show pride in culture,traditions and Trade during the ANZAC Ball.
Local Sponsors, Regional Sponsors, and Australian & New Zealand Sponsors from home were all welcomed to the activities to provide door ticket prizes and get involved in activities with the resident Diaspora.  

Download An excerpt from John Levins Book:
"The Kuwaiti Resistance by John M Levins Mar 1995.pdf" 





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