2013 ANZAK Public Messages:

6 December 2013 - We give our condolences to South Africans and the Family and friends on the passing away of the late Nelson Mandela, known by his tribal title of Tata Madiba, Former South African President, A world statesman and anti-apartheid leader, at his home in Johannesburg, on the 5th of December 2013 around 8:50pm South Africa time, aged 95.
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela - 18 July 1918 - 5 December 2013
Announced by President Jacob Zuma, Pretoria Official Website for Tributes, Memorial and Funeral Information Statement from Queen Elizabeth President Obama remembers Nelson Mandela UN Tribute Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Ret.) prays for the Mandela Family Sky News Australia - Mandela News

Supplementary Links: Travel Safety Guide South African Government Web Constitution of South Africa South Africa Press Association Truth and Reconciliation Commission Johannesburg Museum on Apartheid Museum Museum


6 December 2013 - New Zealanders - Urgent deadline approaches for the 2013 citizens initiated referendum


3 - 6 December 2013 World Trade Organisation - Bali Indonesia


3 December 2013 - Australians - contact your Senator

Australias carbon price legislation that is currently in place is an effective way of reducing carbon emissions. It has already reduced Australias emissions by 8.6%. Other countries are now following suite and are introducing similar ETS plans. Even China, for example, is in the process of trialling an ETS scheme.

Unfortunately the Abbott government is jeopardising Australias reputation as a leader in combating climate change by attempting to repeal the carbon tax and have also rejected the Commonwealth climate change relief fund. We call on all Australians to challenge the Abbott governments irresponsible attitude towards global warming.

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1-3 December 2013 (Arabian) Gulf Cooperation Council 34th GCC Summit


28 November 2013 - We wish Americans a happy Thanksgiving day. SNAP


21 November 2013 (updated 12 December 2013)

Civil Society without the Grey of Politics: Amid our worlds ongoing man made conflicts and despite Hollywood films and the plethora of Media on what if fantasies around World ending events, Nuclear proliferation aside, Many observers and actors in and around the sciences have not diverted from this very sobering endeavour on the immediate big picture for our Home we care for and call Earth: After September 2013 as determined at the UNFCCC: Global warming denial can no longer be considered as a rational point of view: Much of Earths 7 Billion People, with 1.2 billion living in extreme poverty, are already suffering in part due to increased energy from Global Warming, amplifying what has historically been termed as the natural climate.

It is time for humanity, for all of us, to care beyond the current global trade Economy where importance is prioritised for maximum profit and in some societies centred only on human security disregarding other bio-diversity.
We must work to ensure that technological progress and population expansion doesnt reach its end where our earths natural environment breaches our Gods perfect tri-state equilibrium of ice
(includes snow)-water(includes fog,cloud)-vapour(includes steam) existing at the same time around our small world; if we dont act now: the Sahara Desert, not may, but will, eventually describe every populated place on our earth. Brett W. Keiller ZL3BWK.

Donate to the New Zealand Red Cross to relieve suffering from the Syrian Civil War and Typhoon Haiyan + + +

Donate to give humanitarian support to refugees from the Syria Emergency


19-20 November 2013
Kuwait hosts Africa
-Arab Summit
They lived through decades of conflict but drought was the final straw, say Somalis who fled their homes for Kenya's Dadaab camp. The world's largest refugee camp is now the size of a small city, home to almost 500,000 refugees: Dadaab Camp info Samali water:  care:

15 November 2013 (updated 23 November)
Australia - Operation Philippines Assist

New Zealand - Defence Force Humanitarian Mission


12 November 2013

Please donate aid to survivors of the Typhoon Haiyan which devastated the central Philippines areas around Leyte and Eastern Samar


7 January 2013, updated 23 November 2013: - ANZAK.ORG observes community issues across the wider Middle East & North Africa Region (MENA) and emphasises the following Elevated Travel Warnings for:

Egypt (Avoid demonstrations & Northern Sinai), Yemen due to internal conflicts & Governance


Iraq, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinian Territories, Syria, Southern Turkey due to escalations in the Syrian Civil War


For Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir & Western India due to Conflicts in the region and the war on Terror


For Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia due to Threat of Terrorism, Violent Organised Crime, Armed Conflict, Piracy


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Commonwealth of Nations:

Pacific Islands - please contact your nearest Embassy/High Commission

New Zealand:




Please consider donating to aid those suffering in the civil war in Syria and conflicts elsewhere:



Whats your daily carbon footprint? Think about your impact on Man Made Global warming


Gulf States are resisting adoption of clean energy alternatives - what can you do to encourage all countries to stop burning the candle at both ends and so support sustainable development, energy efficiency and reduce mankinds disastrous influence on Climate Change, increasing desertification and decreasing bio diversity


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