2015 ANZAK Public Messages:

12 December 2015: Historic Global Warming Agreement reached in Paris, France.

12 December 2015: First Woman Councillor Elected in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

11 December 2015: Two Islamic extremists in a terrorist attack wound 22 and massacre 14 innocent attendees, at a Christmas Workplace Celebration in San Bernadino, California, USA. to report suspicious behaviour: suggestions are to contact police or post a concern to: or or or contact your presidential candidate, senator or federal representative for government driven action. #outlawjehad as crimes against humanity.

20 November 2015: Mali Radisson Blu Hotel Bamako - At least 21 killed in Terrorist attack.

19 November 2015: ISIL Cell laundering arms uncovered in Kuwait by Police.

14 November 2015: A State of Emergency has been declared in France after at least 8 assailants attacked with bombs and guns at Paris events, resulting in over 120 dead. The French Military have been deployed and the full force of Police is at task. Other nations have offered condolences and intelligence support. Paris residents have been asked to stay indoors.

12 November 2015: United Nations Conference on Climate Change Paris 2015 - The Most important world conference for 2015

1 November 2015: The Mighty New Zealand "All Blacks" team win the 2015 Rugby World cup on 31st October at Twickenham, England, defeating Australia by 34 to 17, and take home the Webb Ellis Cup.

31 October 2015: Russian Airliner Metrojet flight 7K-9268 Crashed and killed all 224 people on board. The Flight departed Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt on 31st October and was bound for Saint Petersburg, Russia. Egyptian Investigators believe there is a 90% Probability the crash was the result of a Bomb on board. Many other Flights are now cancelled to and from Sharm El Sheikh due to the heightened risk of danger around the Sinai :

30 October 2015 Syria peace talks :

15 October 2015: 4th International Off-Grid Lighting Conference and Exhibition. Alternatives from fuel Power; UNDP; UNEP side events.
26th -29th October 2015 at Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE -

10 October 2015: World Mental Health Day - Please visit

20 September 2015: New Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull appointed Austalia's first female defence Minister

18 July 2015: Saudi Arabia thwarts terrorist plots, arrests 431 ISIL suspects

17 July 2015: Wishing all a happy Eid Al-Fitr 2015, Eid Mubarak!

10 July 2015: Saudi Arabia's Prince Saud al-Faisal - who was the world's longest-serving foreign minister - has died aged 75

26 June 2015: ISIL Claim the Bombing of the Al-Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque in Kuwait City, which occurred After Friday Prayers, The Ministry of the Interior has asked for residents to keep away from the area as investigations are carried out... google maps
26 June 2015: Tunisia, tourists killed

10 May 2015: Prince Harry tours Australia & New Zealand:

9 May 2015: Airbus A400M Military Transporter Crashes on test flight, killing 4 :

2 May 2015: Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge Born :

27 April 2015: New Zealand Prime Minister opens new consulate in Dubai :

26 April 2015: Nepal Earthquake Appeal

25-27 April 2015: ANZAC Day Weekend -
View the commemorations via TV:
Events via Radio Live:
We Will Remember Them
Tune in your shortwave radio or HF rig on ANZAC Day on the following frequencies and take part in History.
HF Radio Calling Frequencies for 2015 ANZAC Commemoration contact contests














7.040 MHz

7.010 MHz

7.095 MHz


10.145 MHz

10.110 MHz

10.120 MHz


14.095 MHz

14.010 MHz

14.250 MHz


18.095 MHz

18.105 MHz

18.115 MHz


21.095 MHz

21.105 MHz

21.250 MHz


24.925 MHz

24.895 MHz

24.935 MHz


28.055 MHz

28.025 MHz

28.450 MHz


50.225 MHz

50.500 MHz

51.150 MHz


145.000 MHz

144.050 MHz

144.150 MHz

ECHO Link will be used by the Turkey Amateur Radio Society on ANZAC Day
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22 April 2015: Reflect on Earth Day 2015: visit the U.N. page:

16 April 2015: Prime Minister leads trade mission to Gulf States:

2 April 2015: Massacre of 147 at Kenyan University

29 March 2015: Congratulations to Australia for winning the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, with New Zealand trailing in Second Place.

28 March 2015:


26 March 2015: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has committed to waging War on Yemen this day. Announcement of a no Fly Warning over Yemen which may extend to Airspace over Saudi Arabia, Affecting Umrah and other civilian flights, as the conflict worsens. Urges Protection of Civilians...


24 March 2015: Germanwings Flight 4U 9525 from Barcelona to Dusseldorf has suffered an accident over the French Alps. The Airbus A320 aircraft carrying 144 passengers and six crew members crashed with no survivors.


22 March 2015: This day is World Water and sustainable development day


20 March 2015: Former Australian Prime Minister: Malcolm Fraser, dies aged 84. A leader on Race Equality, Human rights and Dignity for Australia.


18 March 2015: 15:30 Zulu/GMT: around 4 Hours ago, unfolding at 12:09 Tunis time (11:09 Zulu/GMT), 17 Foreign Tourists were killed by Gunmen at the Bardo Museum in the Capital Tunis in Tunisia. Local Media reports two Gunmen have been killed, Police are looking for three more terrorists. Habib Essid, Tunisia's prime minister has said Tourists from Japan, Italy, Columbia, Australia, France, Poland and Spain were among those dead in the attack. Another 2 Tunisians including a Policeman were also killed, including the gunmen, a total of 21 were Killed.

16 March 2015: Cyclone Pam hits Vanuatu hard

14 February 2015: Cricket World Cup:

12 February 2015: webcast on Boeing 787 Battery improvements


10 February 2015: K's PATH is an animal shelter based in Kuwait, which was founded in 2005, and are celebrating their 10 year anniversary this Saturday 14 February 2015. You are invited to join in at the Shelter's open day. come and enjoy live music, delicious food and much more. 11am until 2pm in Wafra - please email for directions and what to bring: Also See PAWS:

5 February 2015: Australian Journalist Peter Greste arrived in Brisbane, Australia today after being freed from 400 days of imprisonment in Egypt, by Presidential Decree.
ANZAK Joins many wishing the best for both Egypt's future and basic civil rights and freedoms, with Thanks to everyone in Social Media and Diplomatic quarters in appealing for Peter & his colleagues release. A personal Thank you from ANZAK to the former Ambassador to Kuwait and the current Australian Ambassador to Egypt: Dr Ralph King and his team.

23 January 2015: The Australia & New Zealand Association offers condolences to Family, Friends & Nationals on the death of the King of Saudi Arabia: Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Custodian of the two Holy Mosques from 2005 to 2015. August 1st 1924 to January 23 2015.
his late highness Abdullah is to be succeeded by his Highness Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

15 January 2015: Cricket World Cup : fixtures from 14 February to 29 March 2015 :

11 January 2015: Paris : Charlie Hebdo & Jewish Supermarket Shootings: This day, 3 Million people led by World Leaders marched in an historic movement against extremism

9 January 2015: AFC Asian Cup Football : AUSTRALIA :
                Kuwait Team:

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