2016 ANZAK Public Messages:

19 December 2016 Berlin Christmas Market attack ISIS and the perpetrators should go to Hell for killing 12 and wounding 56 Christmas market patrons after a terrorist drove a truck into the crowd.

26 November 2016 Fidel Castro, Cuban Revolutionary died at the age of 90

21 November 2016 France Arrests 7 in Terror plot soft and notable targets in Paris

14 October 2016 Thailands King Bhumibol Adulyadej, The world's longest reigning Monarch having served 70 years on the throne, died at the age of 88

17 September 2016 New Jersey Bombings

16 September 2016 36 dead and 34 injured at Pakistan Mosque

9 September 2016 40 killed and 60 wounded at Iraq Souk by ISIS suicide bombs

5 September 2016 41 people killed and 103 injured by blasts near the Ministry of Defence in Kabul, Afghanistan

10 August 2016 ISIS burns alive 20 youth who refused to join their terrorist organisation.

1 July 2016 Terror alert for Bangladesh

29 June 2016 Ataturk International Airport Attack, Revised travel warning for Turkey

14 June 2016 Appeal for gifts to renew the ANZAK.ORG Domain Name & Webhosting
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13 June 2016 Please be on the lookout for a lost boy: Abdulaziz Al-Azmi, 14 years old, last seen on the 6th ring road. please contact police. photo:

19 May 2016 Egypt Air Flight MS804 Crashes with 66 on board

25 March 2016 Suicide Bombers killed 31 and wounded 270 in Brussels, 6 arrested by Belgian Police

24 March 2016 Arab League praises Kuwait hosting Yemen Peace Talks

24 March 2016 Kuwait demonstrates renewable Energy skills in Arab meeting

20 March 2016 Salah Abdeslam, the Paris attacks mastermind, arrested in Brussels

19 March 2016 FlyDubai flight FZ981 Crashes at Rostov-On-Don with the loss of 62

6 February 2016 Happy Waitangi Day

2 February 2016 Kuwait takes a much welcomed green position in attending the ECOSOC youth forum in New York:

1 February 2016 Death Toll Climbs from Boko Haram Massacre in Nigeria "African Lives Matter!"

26 January 2016 Happy Australia Day #AusDay

25 January 2016 Energy strategy meeting

23 January 2016 Saudi Arabia & Iran clash at Davos

20 January 2016 Davos: the fourth industrial revolution

18 January 2016 Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull greets ANZAC forces in Iraq

12 January 2016 Suicide Bombing in Istanbul, Turkey

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