2018 ANZAK Public Messages:

15 January 2018 Happy New Year 2018

17 January 2018 NZ Minister talks on food security during Green week

19 January 2018 New Zealand deputy PM and foreign affairs minister congratulates the PM and Partner on news of pregnancy

21 January 2018 Major milestone for New Zealand Space industry

22 January 2018 Australian Air wing ends mission in Iraq

23 January 2018 Happy Australia day on the 26th January

7 July 2018 Hon James Shaw welcomes climate focus on long term investments

26 August 2018 Kuwait Dismisses 3140 foreigners from the public sector

1 September 2018 Kuwait`s Amir & Trump to meet on Yemen

30 November 2018 President H W Bush, aged 94 years old, 41st President of the United States of America, dies at his home in Houston Texas. Remembered as a Liberator of Kuwait, from the brutal dictator Saddam Hussein.

21 December 2018 New NZ Ambassador to Iraq

31 December 2018 Terror Incidents 2018


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