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16 July 2022 (GCC + 3) Jeddah Security and Development Summit: Major developments to GCC,Yemen,Iraq announced by US President Joe Biden during GCC Meeting of 9 Countries in Jeddah KSA including Green Hydrogen, Solar, Nuclear power, 5G, Electricity Grid Developments, Opening Airspace to Israel final statement (english)


23 June 2022 Australia creates world`s first Quantum circuit. The new process, developed over the past 20 years, can revolutionise solar panels, medicine, Agriculture and Computing also Robyn Williams discusses Quantum Circuits (also known by some as spirit molecules) and Bees in the RN Science Show podcast


2 to 5 June 2022 Queen Elizabeth ii Platinum jubilee.

2 June 2022 Kuwait Foreign Minister Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Nasser Al Sabah Leads GCC talks to end Russia Ukraine conflict


1 June 2022 QE2 Unseen footage


1 June 2022: South Australia State declares Climate Emergency Significant Transition to Clean Energy must be initiated and sustained as a core development of the new Australian Government as mandated by the vote swing. No more Delay by the Carbon Cults and fuel profit monopolisers.


1 June 2022 Labor gets 77 seats in Australian Federal Election, new Government Sworn in today:


31 May 2022 Donate to homelessness to the Red Shield Appeal: AU: NZ/Pacific:


22 May 2022 Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Liberal & National Coalition has conceded defeat in Australia`s Federal Election 2022. Labor`s leader and Leader of the opposition: Anthony Albanese has humbly accepted a win to soon become the 31st Australian Prime minister in a yet to be formed Government, possibly also a coalition of parties once the vote is finally tallied.
Opinion from ANZAK Administrator and former ANZAK Chairperson: Brett Keiller: A Critical policy is Combating Climate Change. Just as LED lights having replaced incandescent around the world, Hydrogen and Lithium and other new technologies must replace all forms of Fossil Fuels which are burning the Earths Polar caps to vapour.

Once gone, Life as we know it will rapidly become un-sustainable and temperatures will rapidly increase after the polar caps have melted vastly increasing desertification and Destruction from climate disasters and ability to Farm livestock and agriculture will become seriously degraded.

We must act now! And keep the transition to clean fuels and fuel infrastructure rapid and as an Emergency, in order to stem the rise to under 1.5 degrees.

We`ve reduced carbon output globally as a side effect of covid 19 lockdowns and working from home, so we know we can make a critical difference with the switch. Stop the Coal, Oil and Gas burn! Brandished as the best evolution of mechanisation post ww2 it is critical we evolve again. Start a government mandated switch to key technologies such as Solar and Green Hydrogen on mass, the future is Clean Green Electric!.


12 March 2022 Australia Unites, Please donate to the latest victims of Climate change, the recent floods


24 February 2022 Russia Invades Ukraine causing outrage with Majority UN States in Opposition, Putin fattens the Bear for a never ending Soviet style Expansion of State


1 January 2022: Happy New Year 2022


What's your daily carbon footprint? Think about your impact on Man Made Global warming NGO's:

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